Ricky Sayegh Stresses the Importance of Pursuing Education in Healthcare after COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the passion, dedication, hard work, sacrifice, stresses and unflinching commitment of numerous healthcare professionals and physicians. Service to humanity has always been the motto of doctors and other healthcare professionals and they have risen up to all our expectations. They have proved once again that the healthcare profession is a noble profession. They have set an example for young students and have motivated more and more young students to pursue an education in healthcare. 

The doctors and other healthcare professionals across the globe who have been selflessly fighting against the coronavirus to save the victims have done a commendable job so far and have become the role models for numerous young minds. They are a source of constant inspiration for numerous ambitious stresses young people with aspirations of becoming a doctor or healthcare professional. 

Healthcare is supposed to be a broad term and is used for describing multiple careers. Catering to overall health services for those who seem to be in need of them. However, the benefits associated with healthcare jobs certainly make it the first choice for students looking for a fulfilling and profitable career. Ricky Sayeghsays that even though from times immemorial students have been fascinated by a career in medicine and healthcare, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that the entire world including the affluent nations worldwide is in need of more doctors and healthcare stresses professionals to combat deadly and dreadful diseases and save mankind from being wiped out from the face of the earth. 

Reasons to Choose Education in Healthcare

Phenomenal Growth in Healthcare Industry Expected by Ricky Sayegh

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics United States, the healthcare industry has been forecasted to keep growing exponentially. Moreover, eight of the twenty fastest-growing careers are from the healthcare industry. When the world was confronted with COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has once again realized the pivotal importance of having a robust healthcare infrastructure. And a competent team of healthcare professionals to fight unforeseen crises at the frontline for safeguarding the people. 

COVID-19 saw the excessive growth in demand for qualified and highly-skilled doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, laboratory experts, pharmaceutical specialists, and many such healthcare professionals to tackle healthcare emergencies. After the lockdown all across the major countries worldwide, people. All this led to an inevitable slump in the economy. However, if you examine the stock market, you would find that despite the present economic stresses condition. There are still some recession-free stocks in the market that belong to the healthcare sector. Some healthcare sector stocks have shot up in value too. 

With so many careers losing positions, it is heartening to see that the healthcare sector continues. To grow in terms of demand and popularity. This fact has attracted many students to pursue an education in the healthcare sector. And we could witness a boost in the enrollment rated in healthcare courses. 

Stimulating & Challenging Work Environment Says Ricky Sayegh

Generally work environments in other sectors often tend to be uneventful and boring. However, healthcare jobs are challenging, stimulating, and not repetitive. New circumstances and new patients present new challenges. This kind of stimulating and truly dynamic work environment promises an incredible sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction. 

Conclusion: An Opportunity to Help People

The Healthcare industry gives you the golden opportunity to help people in distress. The desire to be of some service to others is precisely stresses what motivates most healthcare professionals. That is predominantly the reason why they perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities with a smile. Even when you are pursuing an administrative job, you are serving and helping others.

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