Rick Sayegh MD Highlights Healthcare Guidelines for Physicians to Stay Safe from COVID-19

The healthcare industry has been compelled to combat the menace of COVID-19 like no of the United States’ economy. Simultaneously, the coronavirus pandemic has brought. To a completely halt several lucrative aspects of the healthcare industry such as procedures. And surgeries and this is threatening to adversely impact the financial stability and future of numerous hospitals. This could culminate in pay cuts, as well as, furloughs for healthcare workers. World Health Organization believes that the secret to preventing more coronavirus infection is to equip the physicians, healthcare providers, and hospitals with the right knowledge and information to safeguard themselves from others. Here are some effective ways of staying safe that all physicians and healthcare workers must implement.

Rick Sayegh MD Asks You to Focus On Minimizing Chance for Exposure

It is of pivotal importance to make sure that all facility practices and policies are in place for minimizing exposure to the dangerous respiratory pathogens and also that may include 2019-nCoV. Even before the arrival of a patient, upon arrival, and also all through the period that the patient stays in the hospital.

Adhere to All the Precautions Says Rick Sayegh MD

Rick Sayegh MDsuggests that physicians must follow standard precautions. Doctors must take it for granted that all the people are potentially colonized or infected with the coronavirus pathogen that could get transmitted to others in the hospital. It is of pivotal importance to stress on focusing attention on training for perfect use, correct“donning and also doffing,” along with the disposal of certain personal protection equipment.

Rick Sayegh MD Says Focus on Efficient Management of Access & Movement of Visitors

Physicians must focus on creating effective procedures to monitor, manage, and train visitors. In the case of a known or suspected COVID patient. All healthcare professionals and also doctors must lay down regulations to effectively restrict visitors from going into the room. Other effective alternative ways of the patient and also visitor interaction would be including mobile devices, tablet computers, and even call applications.

Implementing Engineering Controls Is the Key Says Rick Sayegh MD

Healthcare organizations must necessarily design and install engineering controls. For reducing and also eliminating exposures simply by defending physicians and all other healthcare professionals against the pandemic.


You need to keep monitoring and managing healthcare professionals who are exposed or ill because of the COVID-19. All decisions related to movement and monitoring must be made with the entire solution in mind. So as to not cause issues further down the line. Facilities must also follow guidelines issued by public health authorities. And implement policies for sick leave that are consistent, flexible, and also not retributive. To ensure the physical and also mental well-being of the professionals. At the forefront of this war against the virus.

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