Rick Sayegh, MD, MBA

Dr. Rick Sayegh has worked in the healthcare industry as a Health Technology CEO/CMO, a CEO/Physician Executive, Medical Consultant and  former owner of an internal medicine practice. 

His extensive experience has focused on leading health organizations (both employers and clients), through transformation strategies to dramatically improve their business model. In addition, Rick has utilized artificial intelligence to achieve primary objectives including improvement to healthcare operating efficiencies, enabled health insights, creation of a computational platform, advancement of medical diagnoses, detection of physiological patterns, and improved patient outcomes.

Rick’s entrepreneurial spirit, medical acumen and track record of results are

complemented by a personal value system that transcends all other competencies. Rick define success by contributing to a culture of diversity, investment in human capital and creation of an organizational reputation that is consistent with our brand and image. Customers have a strong need to feel comfortable with a provider of products and services. Rick firmly believes that an organization with a high personal standing results in a workforce that is productive, loyal and customer-focused.